Or maybe you want to use an SDR:

"Welcome to Osmocom-Analog, a project that documents the functionality and knowledge of former analogue mobile networks. The included software allows the emulation of these mobile networks to communicate with Historical mobile phones again."

A base station implementation of classic mobile networks. All these networks use analog voice transmission. The signaling is done by tones and/or FSK modulated digital messages. It started with the idea to make a base station for the German B-Netz, but more networks followed.

This project is pure software that requires a transmitter and a receiver connected to the sound card of a Linux PC. Alternatively (more suggested) you can use a full duplex SDR to even generate multiple channels at a time. A second sound card or ISDN card is used to route calls from and to the mobile phone.

Implemented classic networks:

A-Netz B-Netz C-Netz
NMT AMPS and TACS MTS and IMTS Radiocom 2000

You can read the software's documentation online, if you follow the 'DOCS' link. You will find the software, if you follow the 'GIT' link. You will find a collection of documents, if you follow the 'DOWNLOAD' link.

Write to: jolly@eversberg.eu